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Who we are

01Somerset Mission

The mission of the Somerset Foundation is to make a decisive contribution to improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people and communities in rural and urban areas, by promoting education and providing social services at the highest standards.

  • Identifying social problems at the level of disadvantaged communities
  • Community development and socio-psycho-professional integration.
  • Improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people.
  • Development of socio-educational and cultural-artistic programs for children and young people.
  • Promoting fundamental human rights.
  • Ensuring the application of European Union legislation on social services.
  • Promoting volunteer activity.

03Our values

The Somerset Romania Foundation and its members are guided in their actions by a set of values that give energy and power to help entire communities in poverty, ignorance and oblivion. Our values help us to support local communities to improve the quality of social life, by defending human rights and Christian moral values.

The love of people in suffering






The dignity and uniqueness of the person

Freedom of thought and expression

Transparency and openness


02Our vision

We believe that a community of people, mentalities and patterns of life cannot be changed overnight … We also believe that the most valuable and profitable investments for the future are investments in people, in today’s young generation.

Based on these premises, the Somerset Foundation aims to, in partnership with local public authorities and other non-governmental organizations, to create and implement social assistance programs that lead gradually but surely to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged communities, especially of the Roma.

We are constantly pursuing one and the same noble goal of improving the lives of the disadvantaged and reviving hope for our communities in a good future.

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I invite you to be a part of this team, and to change together, step by step, a part of the anomalies of this world.