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Help a family

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Current issues

Poor nutrition, lack of minimum sanitation, poor quality clothing and improper conditions are the main problems that make life difficult for many families in disadvantaged areas.

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Help a family from disadvantaged areas

Families with problems in Rediu, Slobozia and Iasi

At the edge of the communes live many poor families who can hardly say that they are going from today to tomorrow. They did not choose this state and many of them fight in vain to get out of poverty and deprivation. What is more tragic is the fact that due to their shortcomings and their children are obstructed to attend school and thus overcome their social condition. A family helped today means more families saved tomorrow. The Somerset Romania Foundation also calls on you to work together to extend a helping hand to these families and to help them take step by step towards a brighter and better life.

We are waiting for you with us.

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