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Day Center Somerset

Somerset Foundation Romania / Day Center Somerset


Located in the center of Rediu village in the commune of the same name in Iași County, the Somerset Day Center is part of the community of those it helps and supports through its actions and projects. Thus, problems in the community are taken directly from the field and can be solved much faster. In their midst we see the problems in a completely different light.

Day Center Somerset Romania

Provides activities designed to meet social, individual, family or group needs, in order to overcome difficult situations, prevent and combat the risk of social exclusion, promote social inclusion and increase the quality of life by respecting applicable minimum quality standards and ensuring access for people beneficiaries to information on the conditions of access, as well as the services provided.

The purpose of the services provided within the day center is to improve the quality of life both individually and in the community of their parents and children as people in difficulty in rural areas.

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+40 232 267 703