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Day Center Activities

Somerset Foundation Romania / Day Center Activities

Main activities

The Somerset Foundation carries out numerous and varied activities to help the community to overcome more easily the multiple problems they face in their daily lives. From parenting and child support to schools and colleges to help for families and the elderly, all Somerset activities start at this Day Center.

Day Center activities

  • Social counseling
  • Psychological counseling
  • Material help
  • Parental programs
  • Socio-educational and cultural-artistic activities for children

Contact details


+40 232 267 703

Material aid

If you want to help and want to turn good thoughts into deeds, we are waiting for you to join us! Together we will be able to raise awareness of the need for empathy especially for children and families and, at the same time, to make our society more friendly for people with problems.

Parental education programs

The team of professionals of the center offers the possibility to parents to meet other parents who face similar problems by conducting parental education programs. Parental education programs are programs for developing and strengthening parenting skills and competencies. These programs are carried out through group and individual meetings.

The organization of group meetings is based on customer interests based on a needs analysis. Questionnaires, interviews, discussions can be used to perform the needs analysis. Activities aimed at training and developing parenting skills are organized by the Counseling Center individually or in collaboration with public institutions and non-governmental organizations with experience in this field.

These activities are carried out by sharing skills between parents and professionals and aim at: developing parenting skills, developing skills for caring for and raising children; creation and development of a community support network of parents included in parental education programs; developing parents’ ability to meet the challenges of raising and educating their children; reducing the isolation of parents by relating to other parents; ensuring access to community resources.

Educational activities

  • Practicing and improving the skills of verbal and nonverbal expression of feelings, diversifying and improving methods of communication with other children and adults.
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-acceptance, children are listened to and encouraged to express their feelings, opinions, feelings.
  • Development of social integration skills, meeting the needs of children belonging to the group.
  • Development of independent living skills / abilities.